Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We made good progress today despite on and off rain. We got a couple of the stanchions reinstalled and sealed. I was able to finish all of the plumbing for the holding tank for the toilet and all the valves, and reinstall the seating over top of it. I also started reinstalling the nav station and it is all in place other than the top cover. We did rubber coatings on the forward cabin and the area behind the galley, so other than touch up, all we have left is the aft cabin. We're still having a small problem with seapage in an area near the bilge. We drilled a hole today and drained that area. The whole bottom is black slimy goo that we need to wash out before we can put the sealer in. The marina was able to put on another coat of bottom paint. They still have four more coats before it's finished. The boat should be ready to go in the water in about a week and a half to two weeks, as long as everything goes well.

melted light from Sunday

2nd view of light

forward cabin before final coat of rubber

nav station, almost done with finished walls

galley before final coat of rubber

starboard wall nearly done

port wall waiting for upper cabinets
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