Sunday, May 1, 2011


Work is progressing well. On Saturday Dave and I rebuilt and sealed all of the cabinets except the top of the navigation station. Dave laminated two sheets of plywood to make the top of the nav station, which took most of the day on Saturday. On Sunday, Dave needed to work on the race car to get it ready for a race in a few weeks. I went down to the boat and finished up the sanding, and everything is ready to start for the rubber coating on Wednesday. I also installed all of the woodwork I could before the coating goes on. I layed out how the new plumbing  is going to run from the toilets holding tank, Y valve, macerator pump and discharge valve. The way it was before it would not pass Coastguard inspection. You cannot discharge the holding tank into the water unless you are more the 3 miles offshore, and, it must be locked with the lock disabled anytime not offshore.

 New Y valve & Macerator pump

new top for seating area

Cabinet  rebuilding in shop with  Dave's race car

Part of the Nav station before build

rust stains are where the boat was leaking, fixed now

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