Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fear about sailing??????

I was looking around the net tonight and came across a sailing forum. It talks about the USCG statistics for boating in 2008.

It is really strange how statistics can make thing look. Below is a quote:

"So, taking these statistics into account, am I correct in surmising that,

[IRONY ALERT] statistically speaking, any sailor's best chance at survival is to get 10 or so hours of some informal training on how to sail, take a 40' vessel into the open ocean in rough to very rough conditions, wear a pfd, don't drink, stay on the boat (regardless of make or year), sail REALLY fast, and, in all probability, you'll be just fine?

It seems the most dangerous sailing out there is sailing a small boat on a sheltered body of water in calm conditions. Could that be right?
Surely that's not it.

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