Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great weekend on the boat

Lori and I spent the last two days on the boat . The temps were in the upper 80's both days. Saturday night we anchored on the lake. We had some light winds on Saturday we sailed down to Pepin got some ice there. It is about 10 miles down river on the lake. then we motored back up about 1/2 Way where we spent the night. At 4:30 am the anchor drag alarm started going off. After checking everything out we were fine. I needed to change the settings some. The lake was nearly like a sheet of glass. The wind changed overnight from north to south, and it looked like we were floating down river, but with that very slight south breeze, it only made it look like it.  In the morning the wind was nearly zero so we ended up motoring back to the harbor and picked up Lori's brother Brian. We did try to do come sailing but still no wind. So we cooked some food on the bbq grill and relaxed  before bring Brian back. Then off to DQ for quick treat then back the boat for more relaxing and naps. Tonight we plan to watch another movie before retiring for the night. In the morning we head home. But we will be back on Friday again.

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