Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today we made some progress. We pumped out the old fuel tank and removed it. Installed the new ports, one drain, and one water intake so we should be able to not sink in the boat now.

 I cleaned the bilge out, which is the lowest part of the boat inside and has a pump that will pump any water up and out of the boat. It is sludgy slimey and stinks. It is now cleaner and dry. Last time we were at the boat Dave saw water seeping out on the keel. After talking to the guy at the marina he told us we need to tighten the bolts holding the keel to the hull. The bolts come up through the bottom of the boat and are located in the bilge. After we dried out the bilge the seepage nearly stopped. We also found two of the bolts near the leak that were not tight. On Wednesday Dave is going to bring his vacuum pump, which we will put over the areas of the seepage in order to draw the resin into the area and seal it up, then we will retorque all of the keel bolts.  

Dave tested the rubberized coating by applying it to a small area. This will replace the carpet liner that we tore out the other day.  It still needs the top coat but it's looking like it will work well.

Bilge area with floor open you can see the top of the bolts sticking out of the water

one of the ports we changed

old fuel tank as we pumped it out

test area with sealer

fill coat still need top coat of sealer

53' mast for the boat sitting on blue barrels

bottom hull with 2nd coat of paint

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  1. That boat cover looks great. And it also fits well on the boat. Look like it is part of the boat already, just like the convertable car. Nice.

    Right-Hand Propeller