Thursday, April 28, 2011


Another cold wet day working on the boat.  Today Dave sealed the leak in the keel with a resin and a vacuum pump, and torqued the bolts on the keel, we will see next time if it worked. We are fairly sure it will.  I burned off the left over fibers on the inside of the hull from the liner and final sanded about 3/4s of the boat. So all I have left is the aft cabin. When we get some warmer weather we can install the rubber coating. We can start cleaning and putting stuff back together after that. We took off a couple of the stanchions on the boat.  One of them is bent and all of them leak and will need to be removed and resealed. The new rudder came in and we brought it down so the marina can paint and install it. The boat needs to be lifted to install in. Dave ordered a bunch of the stuff we need to start putting the boat back together.

This weekend we will be working on rebuilding the cabinets and sealing them.

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