Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rebuild nearly done

Dave and I spent another day working on the boat. Dave worked on the motor all day. We had a hard vibration at the engine speed we will be using going down river. He found it was out of alignment and when he started to line it up he found some of the bolts for the motor mount stripped out. He was able to reset everything so it is a lot tighter and straighter. We did take it out and ran it for about an hour.  It is a lot better, but still has a little vibration and should be just fine. Dave did find some more wood that we need to replace from around the motor near the galley. We brought it back to cut out a new piece.
I worked on the 12 volt electrical stystem most of the day till I ran out of parts and wire. I finished reinstalling the navagation station and mounted the GPS. Now we can use it both above and below deck. I started to get more cleaning done inside the boat. After all the work gets done, everything needs to be cleaned top to bottom.

In the next few weeks we should be able to wrap up most of the boat rebuild, we hope. Dave still has lots of work in order to make all new covers for all of the cushions and replace and add on to the biminey (cover over the cockpit area)

This coming weekend Lori and I plan to spend the weekend on the boat. The following weekend my mom and Scott will be driving through and we are planning a day on the boat with them, Dave and Noelle, Jane and Lori, and myself.  It will be a full boat, but should be fun. Later in the weekend we have another set of friends coming down to camp with us and do some motorcycle riding, and boating.

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