Thursday, October 6, 2011

90 cc of fluids out, and Cortisone Injection in

Through out this year I have been pushing myself and working hard so I can go on this adventure. OK, I may not be 20 and have a body without problems. One of the things I have been concerned with through out this year is my knee. Some day I will need to have it replaced, but I am too "young" for that I am told. This week is the 3rd time since 2005 my knee has swollen up to the point that I was unable to walk. This time I haven't been able to walk for the past two days. Part of me is glad it happened now, and not somewhere it the gulf. Today the doctor drew 90cc of fluid off the area just above my knee, then did a Cortisone injection. If everything goes as it has the past two times, I should be able to get around in the morning well enough to go to back to work.
Also, we did hear that the mast was taken down on Monday, although it was set to come down tomorrow. Dave has been working on new seat cushions so Sunday when we head down to try and split the mast we will bring them with. We are starting to finalize things that need to be done before we leave for Belize in 21 days. I did find a foam topper for my bed that I hope lets me sleep better than I have been, so far on the boat.
 Most every day and night is either booked with something, or will be soon, till we leave. I would really like to be done with "work" now so I could be getting ready to go full time, but money gets in the way of that. Bills suck.

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  1. Sure hope that knee is feeling better shortly. 90cc - holy moley! :-(