Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last post before we leave

In 12 hours Dave and I will be heading down river. Dave and Noelle got as much of the stuff done at their buliding as they could but they ran out of time. There was tons of stuff to move, sort, and get rid of, and most of it is done. Some of it I hope will be finished up by some friend of ours. The rest I will deal with when/if I return from sandy beaches to the Minnesota winter.  Noelle was to fly out this morning but the airport in Belize was closed because of Hurricane Rita. She will fly out in the moring a few hours before we leave.

Tonight Lori, Jane, and I went out and had dinner. Part way through it Jane gave me a bunch of photos that had been laminated and put together on a big ring. Many had text put on them. It was like a little story book of photos of all of us. I will take it with me and have something to look at while I am gone.

[editor's note: This is Lori writing: I am sad about being away from Donavan for 7 weeks, and happy that he can be a part of this adventure. I will feel lost without Dave and Noelle around, but excited for this new chapter in their life. I just had to make some note about feelings, as Donavan has decided to keep his feelings shoved down deep inside of himself. :) ]

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  1. None of this surprises me in the least bit. I've known him too long to not know when he is - er - smitten.

    Adding sauce -- Hwy 60 is wide open. - IS correct - lots of pretty new bridges. Looking forward to the return trip in daylight so I can enjoy the scenery.

    Crashing for a short nap -- then up and at a marina in the mornging!