Saturday, October 1, 2011

Noah's Ark (kinda)

Today I had planned to do some sailing and to start prepping the boat for the mast to come down. When I started to layout how I was going to support the mast temporarily, until we built the permanent platform that it would rest on while going down river, it seemed as much work to do a short platform as a tall one. So I just did a taller one and skipped the temporary platform. I ended up pulling all the sails and the boom and decided not to sail. I spent all day until dark working on it. Lori and Jane came down late afternoon and supervised and played with the water bugs. I had planned on spending both days working on the boat, but my body needs a rest. In the last week, I have moved the contents of my storage locker to Dave's garage shop, which took 20 pick-up loads, but finished it late last night.

The boat is ready for the mast to come down. Next week Dave and I will see if we can split the mast or if it's going to have to be transported as is. The way I built the platform does allow us to strap the kayaks up on top of the platform out of our way, or we could still tow them, also.

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