Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 12 on the river, part 2

At about 12:30 today we turned off the Mississippi River. Both of us are glad we are done with that part. We are also over 1/2  way to Mobile, AL.  We really slowed down in speed, from 10-12 mph to 4.5-6 mph. We are going up-stream now, and at one point we had a straight north heading.  We are glad we did extra miles yesterday and got ahead today. If not we would have lost a day geting to our next stop.

We made it to lock 53, and were told that the lock was down, but that we could motor over it. This did not make sense until we got close. I saw a line in the water, which turned out to be the dam. It was getting dark so it was hard to see, but that was the dam. You would hardly know it was even there. You should be able to see in in the photo marked lock 53. They are building a new dam within two miles of lock 53, photos can be seen at this link olmsted lock and dam. The project started around 1991 and will be done in 2014, i think the cost is 1.4 billion.

After a rough start the day turned out nice, with temps in the low 70s. For dinner we grilled up brats on the grill that is attached on the back of the boat. The low tonight is in the mid 50's but near freezeing tomorrow night. We should be docked at the Kentucky Dam Marina on Kentucky Lake.

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