Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 24 on the river

Finally we had some warm weather. We are 60 miles from the marina and about 80 miles from the gulf. This afternoon was near 80 and sunshine with a light breeze. This is what the 2nd half should have been, not just the last two days. We should be dockside about 2 or 3pm  tomorrow.  We are starting our list of what we need and what we need to do. Tuesday and Wednesday will be full days setting up for the 2nd part of the trip.

Today when I was at the wheel I was in part of the river called newman bend with a barge coming at us. That part the is about 5 miles on the river but is a big S. At two points the river doubles back on itself and the banks have about 1000' of land between itself. If there was a cut through at both points, the river would shorten from 5 miles to 1 mile. Anyway back the the barge. He had 3 wide and 2 deep in front of him. It is hard to judge the distance sometimes when everything is bendy. I was running as far to the side as was possible while still inside the buoys. As we got closer, it looked like I would not have much room. I slowed all of the way down. I kept watching the buoy between us. when he did get to it, it was in the middle of his outside barge.  He drove right over the top of it. about 10 to 15 seconds later it popped out the side.  Now we were along side each other. I decided i was best to go outside the channel a bit till we went by each other.

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  1. Glad you've made it!
    I for one would like to see more of flat Jane please!