Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 19 (11-15-11) going down river

Another quiet day, short, only 42 miles and 3 locks and good weather. We locked with a guy on an old pontoon boat with a shack on it. We found out he started it Travers City, Michigan, and is going to Miami, FL, to finish the great loop. He has done the eastern sea board with a sail boat already, so this will finish the trip for him. We spent the night at the Columbus Marina. This is nice marina, has a bunch of 50 -70' boats here, and one looks to be about 100'.  For dinner we went with the owner/captain of the "wonderland" in to Columbus for a really good dinner. The Wonderland was in Smithville last night also. We found out something about the marina at Smithville. In April the owner went home in order to be safe in town from a tornado, and was killed. Had he stayed at the marnia he would have been fine. His son is who we met, and is trying to watch it/manage it as best he can.

Right now it is looking like we will not get to Mobile till sometime on Monday. Finding places to anchor is really tough and most of the time there is the channel with rocks on both sides. If there is an open area to exit the channel, then we often find stump fields with no depth. So we have limited options for where we can anchor/dock each night for the rest of the journey to Mobile, and have to plan accordingly.

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