Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 16 on the river

We got on the river by about 6:00 this moring and ran good all day 10 hours of just going down the river and nothing much more.  It can be a bit boring after 16 days. We got through the pickwick dam, even got some photos and videos,   it when smooth. Then all we have to do is anchor in a cove. We idled in around 20' deep we try to find a spot that is 15' deep, if we can get it. The depth went from 20' to about nothing in seconds. What we think they did is dredge part of the cove and dumped it in to the rest, and we got on the wrong side of it. We tried to turn out of it, but ended up in the the dredge pile. The front of the boat was in less than 2' of water and we had push higher in to trying to get out. So out came the dingy and off I go with the anchor. It took about a hour but we did get the boat off ourselves. So the day was 10 hours of boredom and 1 hour of GRRRRRR.

So far we have traveled over a 1000 miles in 16 day, or about 65 miles each day and 25 locks.  In the moring we will turn on to the Tenn Tom waterway and will be going South and down river. The past 4 1/2 days have be up river, going against the current.  What we have left to get to mobile is 10 locks and 458 miles, all down hill. All 10 locks are in a 300 mile stretch and most are very close together, and one is as close as 6 miles apart. One dam drops 84' and the rest are about 30' drop each.

Tonight we have good internet again. Tomorrow should be a short day on the river, only 45 miles or so then we need food, water, fuel, ice, and showers.

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