Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 5 on the river

The day went good, only plugged the raw strainer once today early on, rest of the day went well .  We got though 3 locks and anchored off the channel South of Muscantine, Iowa. We did stop and get gas for the generator. For dinner, cooked some steaks on the grill with some corn and homemade buns thanks to our friend Lynn. Temps got in to the 70's today after a cool start. Looks like the best weather day for a few days, cold, rain, sleet, and wind for the next  two days. We have no place to stop for about 179 miles, so we will be anchoring at night. Although lock 19 is fixed, there will be 15 tugs, with up to 15 barges per tug, headed at us. The next 5 locks are going to be a mess. It takes about 2 hours per vessel to get through each lock. At one point there was over 350 barges parked around lock 19 waiting to go up or down river. Here is the link that has all of the different river traffic:  We will need to wait and get through the lock when we can. We did not see the huge cruiser boat today, but we might catch up to him in the upcoming locks.

One of the towns we motored by was Le Claire, Iowa. It is the home of the guys on the television show American  Pickers on the History Channel. You can see their shop in one of the photos from today behind the budlight truck.

The fresh water pump, for the sinks and shower, is having problems. We think Two Rivers Marina has a new one, per there web site. We will call in the morning to check and have them hold it for us . We will be fine even if it does quit since we still have about 20 gallons of drinking water, and we hope to be at the marina in 3 days.

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  1. Fun to read about and see pictures of your progress down river! Jim and Margaret (from the Islander Flushdeck a few slips down from you at Hansens)