Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 13 on the River

Locks, locks, locks, and wind. Can we be done with all of them till we have sails up? The wind is a real pain in the backside today. Was more of the same. We had 3 locks. 53 we drove over. The wind came up this moring so we had about 5' waves till we drove over the dam. The wind was blowing up river so the waves build on long open areas. The boat was rocking and rolling and the waves stopped on the bottom side of the dam. 52 was a pain too.

This was the first lock that we encountered that went up after we entered, instead of down. When the lock filled from the top down, the water swirls around as it fills. It took both of us doing all we could to try and hold the boat in place.  When we got to the Kentucky Dam it was bit after 3:00, and we had to wait till after they blew some dynamite for the new lock that is being added

The Kentucky Dam spans 52 feet from top to bottom. After we entered the lock we lifted 52' in the air. Sunset was at 4:53, and we got into the marina after that point, when it was dark, so it was difficult to see where we were going.

Dave and I both were able to get our third shower in 13 days. This may have been the highlight of the day. We ordered Domino's pizza and they delivered to the marina. Turned on the heater once again because it's supposed to get down to 31 degrees tonight.

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  1. Glad this isn't a smeller-blog..... Those food blogs would have you believe that it's a good thing that should be invented.... ;-)