Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 8 on the river

The morning started out cold and clear with frost on the deck. We pulled up the anchor and headed down the river. We passed through Hannibal, Missouri and could see the Mark Twain Hotel and a little river boat called the Mark Twain. We entered lock 22 with three other pleasure boats. One of them was a boat that we anchored next to in Clinton, Iowa. The other two we found out later had been traveling for twelve days from somewhere in Iowa. They waited six days at lock 19 to get through. A couple of nights ago one of the two boats wrapped an anchor line up in the prop and had to hire a diver for $700 to get it undone. Given that, it seems like our trip has been pretty good so far.

We reached Two Rivers Marina at 1:00. I talked by phone to one of the employees at the marina and asked about the depths coming into the harbor. At first he said 5-6 feet if we go half-way between the red buoys. Just as we entered the mouth, we ran amuk again. This time we just powered through it. When we spoke to the gal who seemed to have a better idea of what was going on at the marina, she told us we needed to be uptight against the red buoys.  We filled up with fuel, got a pump out, water, and parked the boat in the slip for the night. Then we called a cab, ran into town and got parts and food. When we returned to the marina we did laundry and got showers, and then checked to see that the water pump had arrived. Then we went to dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant. We returned to the boat to settle in for the evening and was able to fix the blog and repost.


  1. Thanks for fixing the blog! Did you already put the new pump in or will you do that tomorrow? Or while you're on the "road"?

    Six day wait for a lock! I hope hope hope that doesn't happen to you. That sounds like torture.

  2. Ditto! Thanks for getting the blog back, it has quickly become part of my nightly ritual. Love the pics as well!