Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 14 on the river (11/10/11)

This moring we started up the Kentucky Lake after we got fuel, a used anchor, and ice. We did not do a re-stock because we had lost a couple of hours already. I believe the lake is about 158 mile long, miles wide, with lot of areas near 60' deep. With another day of high winds, it is just wrong that we have no sails to put up. We did plot a course on the GPS and ran the auto pilot. We think we have most of the bugs worked out. We still need to recalibrate the auto pilot because the compass is 7-15 degrees off from the GPS and our main compass. With no locks, and a big open lake, kind of a quiet day other than cold and wind. The next few day there will be high winds during most of the day and some of the nights. Add the cold, and makes for long days.

After two weeks, Dave and I have somewhat of a routine. Dave wakes before me most of the time. We wake up anywhere from 4:30 to 5:30 am. He starts the first pot of coffee. As sun sun just starts to come up around 6:30, we are out on the boat, Dave getting the motor running, and me pulling anchor, or pulling power and dock line if we are docked. As soon as we can start to make out the buoys, then we're off. We finish off the first pot of coffe and I start the 2nd brewing. A short time later, we get breakfast taken care of and coffee finished up.

Throughout the day, Dave spends more time behind the wheel than I do, and I do most of the cooking and clean up. When we eat dinner on the boat Dave does the clean up most of the time. After stopping for the night, one of us tries to remember to do The Spot. If we have repairs, dinners, showers, we get them done before sitting down for the night, each with our own computer, to do emails and update the blog. Maybe a game of solitare or two. A few times I watched some tv, before we both crash till moring, to do it all over again. Up until tonight we have had cell service, plus some wifi when docking.
Tonight we are about 3 hours behind the plan we had set. Right now we're looking at how tight the rest of the days are. My guess is we will lose a day or so before we get to Mobile.

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