Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 17 on the river

Wow short day. Temps in the 70's and got a shower, not sure it gets any better than that, oh and steaks on the grill for dinner.  We planed a short day as we need a lot of supplies, fuel, and ice. Only about 45 miles today and in the harbor at about 1:00. Dave got some of the boat stuff done while I borrowed the marina's courtesy car, drove 21miles to Boonsevile, Missippi, to the walmart and got most everything we needed for now. Not sure where we will be the next few night as we have 7 locks in about 100 miles, and not a lot of good stopping places. We have not had good luck with many already.

We are on the Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway. Of the river's 234 total miles, 149 miles of it are the Tombigbee river, 46 miles is a combination of the river and levees, and the last 39 miles is a waterway that was cut out of the earth to pickwick lake. Congress authorized the project in 1946 and was finished in 1985. The 39-mile cut starts and ends  near level with grade, but at one point we were in a man made valley about 90' -100' deep. The bottom was about 300' wide and slopes up at about 45 degrees. The amout of soil they removed from the cut is huge. There are few photos of the cut, and will post when I can, since cell service is bad again tonight.

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