Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 7 photos repost




power plant at lock 19

waves coming over the gate as we drop in 19

just the other side of lock 19

coming up on lock 21

coming up on lock 21
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  1. Glad to see the blog up and running again! I know there haven't been a ton of comments but every night we all wait for the post. I hope things start warming up for you! There is nothing worse then being cold and wet while on the water. Brrrrr.

  2. That sure does look like a miserable day. And I second Judi! I wait all day for your posts and the SPOT update.

  3. I am not writing much here since others haven't, but I DO wait and check several times during the evening to get the updates. And I check my facebook several times a day to see what Noelle is up to!

  4. I check every day also to see where you are, like I said moms should know where there kids are at all times.