Thursday, November 24, 2011

day 25 on the river part 2

Today is the last day on the river, yeah.  We got an early start so we could get into the marina as soon as we could. We had a little fog and one of the boats radioed that a barge was headed our way in a narrow spot so we waited till it got by. That gave the other boats time to catch up with us. Part of the way in there was a swing bridge that they changed to a lift bridge. We heard the river was closed for 3 days about a week ago. We we missed that one. Going through Mobile, all you see is large ships and lots of traffic on the river. It is a working harbor.

After we got to the mouth of the the bay it was about 10 -15 miles into Mobile Bay to get to Dog River Marina.  We did see 3 dolphins in the bay toda.y That was cool. We got in about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and got fuel and water. We arranged for the mast to get set up for 1:00 tomorrow (11/23/11). As soon as we got to our slip, we started to unload everything off the top of the boat and started to take the wood frame apart. We worked till after dark.

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