Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 21 on the river

Mom are we there yet???????  Nope, 3 weeks and still not to Mobile. Not much going on for the day. Get up, go down river. We only saw a few others all day on the river. Tonight will be last night we stay in a marina before Mobile.  I did upload some photos of inside the boat today as requested. I am still not sure why some of the photos upload fine and others fail. We had dinner here at the marina, food was just OK for both Dave and myself.  Oh well most of the food so far has been pretty good.


  1. Food will be GREAT once you get here. I'm on it.

  2. Just an FYI guys -- your Spot messenger is posting one day off of real time. Not that it's a problem with me - but... Just sayin....

    be well and safe!


  3. Ummm -- I think the blog calendar/time is off. I posted the last comment on 11/18 at 12:45 AM. Maybe that's where the disconnect lies....

  4. I was wondering what "flat Jane" was..... lol. Brian K.